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Perception about Truth?

We all are individuals and like that very unique, we all have view of reality from our position … so and truth.

If we sharing reality, which means if we understand each other; truth will be the same, if our realities are different we will argue about what is truth.

The Greek word for truth is “aletheia”, means sincerity as well as factuality or reality, we can play more with the word and we can say that literal means “the state of not being hidden; the state of being evident”.

From myth the ordinary mortal after death has to cross the river of forgetting.    Only the hero could carry his knowledge to heaven.    So in other words truth is synonomous for immortality, and means that alatheia will not be forgotten.

The German word for truth, “wahrheit,” stems from perceiving, “wahrnehmen.”     The German word for understanding, “verstehen,” means placing all knowledge in a wheel around the center, corresponding to heaven in relation to the polar star.    Understanding of truth shows the way to make sense, whereas understanding of problems amplifies personal and collective scientific knowledge.

The French understanding of truth is “verite” which comes from “verifier”, logical cartesian truth.

The English term “under-standing” means to be underneath a reality.

The presocratic philosopher’s term for understanding was “episteme” – subjective truth, in contrast to opinion – doxa. “Episteme” was the “knowledge behind the knowledge.”
Today in academic philosophy “epistemology” is the theory of cognition.    But originally in Greek the term “episteme” included all knowledge received through “understanding” in a pre-conscious sphere, which can be recalled at will.    Socrates, who knew that he knew nothing, was the wisest of the Greeks.    This saying of the Oracle of Delphi became the basis of the European Wisdom traditions.     Knowing nothing does not mean to be aware of what one does not know.    It means total openness and creativity, that means it is always something new to learn, life is about learning and understanding.

Truth is not something you can hold in your hands. It’s existence is based on a process of eliminating every other possibility. In the grand summation of all things, truth will outlast and outweigh all other explanations of reality.

Truth becomes lost or hidden when people fail to diligently seek after it.
Is it a brain pattern or a rule?

Also only the scientific method cannot lead to truth.    It leads to certainty and strategies to master human survival. There is no contradiction between scientific knowledge and Wisdom.    Science clarifies the relation between the human subject and reality, where Wisdom attains the subject and liberates the being to continuous bliss.

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